7 Tips for Hiring A Professional 2D Animation Service

Professional 2D Animation Service

Are you tasked to hire a professional 2D animation service, but you don’t know what to do or have any experience in hiring? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 2D animation is the need of the hour, and finding an experienced one is challenging and exhausting.

There are some essential things to look at and check while hiring a 2D animation company. If you miss these things, you may get scammed by this company. We have learned these things with our experience, attention, and understanding of the changing market.

Today, we have brought these seven excellent tips to you that will help you hire professional 2D animation services. 

Check Their Portfolio

A portfolio is the most essential thing that helps companies get new customers. It shows the quality, attention to detail, and most used patterns and themes of a 2D animation company. After seeing their portfolio, you can instantly decide whether to hire their 2D animation services.

If you don’t know how professionals examine a portfolio, then don’t worry. Here are some things you should focus on while seeing their portfolio.

  1. Remember your requirements and see if they have shown anything similar in the portfolio.
  2. See how much they can express with the help of their designs. 
  3. Look at their quality of work, and keep a keen eye for faults, loose ends, or poor-quality transitions. 
  4. See if the works attract you or not. It will also not attract your customers if it doesn’t entice you.
  5. Check the audio quality and whether the characters’ lip-syncing is okay or off.
  6. If they’re using a piece of background music, check its quality. The background music should match the overall theme.

Project Completion Rate

A fantastic way to analyze a company is through its project completion rate. See how many projects they have taken and how many of them they have delivered successfully. Prestigious companies proudly represent this data on their website and profiles. 

You can also see the previous projects of a company under their delivered projects section. If a company has a higher completion rate, it means that it will also deliver you on time as well. Checking the completion rate also helps to analyze how much a company respects its promises and agreements.

Message Delivery

Anybody’s aim while hiring an animator is to deliver their message through a piece of animation. See the animations on the company’s portfolio and the delivered project’s collection. See how you were able to decrypt and understand that message.

This step is a must-do if you’re hiring explainer video services. The primary purpose of an explainer video is to help people understand different things. You should look for other options if you see their explainer videos section and have difficulty understanding things.


Take a look at their animation style. People agree that they will mold their work according to your given details. But when you get the project delivered, you will find that they have done animation in their signature style, which is the opposite of what you asked them.

See their characters, background, repetitive colors, and animation’s theme. If you like these things and think your 2D animation requirements would look good under these designs, proceed. If you don’t feel that they match your vibe, there is almost no chance they will deliver a project according to your demands.

Look at Their Passion For Animation

You will always get the best work if you hire people passionate about doing that work. This means that when hiring a professional 2D animation service, you should only hire people with a craze for this work. 

For example, Mark Zuckerberg was a coding guru in his early years, and that’s why he got so successful with his ventures. All of his works gained worldwide appreciation, and the reason behind this is his passion for coding and web development.

You can ask an animation company’s support team member to let you talk to someone from the production unit. Judge how much professional advice the animator gives you and how enthusiastic they are to work on your project. If they show less or no interest, they might ruin your project.

Audio Quality

When you’re searching for a professional 2D animation service, you cannot neglect anything at all. You should never overlook small or secondary things, such as audio quality. Audio plays a significant role in animation and can be why it is annoying. 

Also, the voiceover quality must be judged thoroughly. Here’s what professionals look for when they are checking the voice-over quality.

  1. If the person correctly shows emotion through their voice according to the character’s needs.
  2. There should be no literature or grammar mistakes in the video’s voiceover.
  3. Ensure that the words’ delivery is clear, audible, and easy to understand. 
  4. Choose your mode of language. For example, American English is different from British English. If a voice-over artist does a voice-over for the opposite accent audience, there will be a great misunderstanding.

Compare Prices

Before you finalize an animation company, make sure that you compare the prices. Take estimates from multiple companies and choose the one that fits your budget and satisfies your needs. There will be a need to expand your budget sometimes, but overspending your budget can be risky.


These are a few of the most essential tips you should implement when choosing a professional 2D animation service. If you want the best animation services in America, contact us now. We have vast experience in 2D animation and can be your partner in promoting your brands to new heights.


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