How Explainer Videos Using 2D Animation Services Are Helping Businesses?

2D Animation Services

Everyone is trying something new to get ahead of competitors in this modern age. Businesses are innovating fast to attract more eyes and get more customers. 3D and 2D animation is the go-to option for most business owners nowadays.

If you’re a business owner using the same tactics you were using just five years ago, then be ready because your competitors will put you out of work very soon. Similarly, if you’re still using static advertisements, logos, and a website with no motion graphics, you will not be able to get a lot of visitors in 2023 and the future as well.

Today in this blog, we will discuss why explainer videos are essential for businesses and why you should have them on your website and other digital presences. 

Why Choose Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos have multiple benefits and could be the breakthrough you always wanted. Here are some of the main benefits.

Better Understanding

There are times when you have to write long step-by-step solutions or extensive manuals for your product. Or you’re trying to convey a really complex message to your audience. In this scenario, Explainer videos are the best option for this problem. 

Explainer videos provide you with an easy solution for explanations. There is a high chance that you might lose your customers immediately if you ask them to read long guides and manuals. Instead of that, you can provide a 30-second explainer video that will solve all of their problems.

Explainer videos also have the ability to go beyond the language barrier, and you can communicate ideas with any problem. This will help you to establish your brand in places where people speak different languages.

Adding Emotion

One significant quality that explainer videos or any 3D or 2D animation has over graphics is that they are not bland and dull. They add emotions to whatever the context is. Explainer videos and motion graphics appeal to human emotion, and this is the only reason why we are so attracted to them.


Explainer videos are easily shareable over the internet. People can easily share these videos with their family, friends, and colleagues. This property of explainer videos will help you generate more sales and discover more potential customers.

How They Help In Making Businesses Successful?

It is clear that explainer videos are helping to make businesses successful. Below, we have mentioned some of the main factors of how it is helping to make businesses successful.

Rank Better

Being the no.1 in search engine results is the topmost priority of businesses, and getting there organically without the sponsored tag is really tough. This is the reason why companies spend thousands of dollars on search engine optimization of their website.

In this context, search engines rank websites with better content, and explainer videos have better priority than just text. So, if you have multiple explainer videos and 2D animations on your website, you will have better rankings than others.

Save Costs

You can use explainer videos anywhere! This is their most significant advantage. You can put them up on your social media platforms and websites, show them to clients or even use them as video ads. There is no limitation to where you can use explainer videos. 

Why waste your money on several different projects when you can use the same one effectively at multiple places? At Animated Videos, when a client demands this, we always make our videos in such a manner that our clients can use them anywhere they want.

Grab More Attention

Simple images are not that attractive. In today’s world, there are a lot of pictures everywhere, and we don’t even bother to see them if it is just stationary. However, 2D animations and explainer videos grab way more attention and attract several more customers.

If you’re having a hard time generating leads and increasing sales, it is a good idea to use 2D animation services. You will definitely see a sharp rise in your leads and sales once you adopt this strategy.

Sell To A Larger Audience

Have you ever wondered how you could discover more clients from areas where you’re unavailable? If this is your concern, why not make it happen? Explainer videos can help you advertise and sell your products all over the world. 

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is critical, and explainer videos can play an essential role in it. Explainer videos can help customers in many ways, and they usually have a very positive response to them. You can also add a few explainer videos to your website to increase your business’s customer satisfaction rate.


Can explainer videos help me get more sales?

Yes, explainer videos can help you get more sales because you will be able to target a larger audience and compel more people with your attractive explainer videos.

Do explainer videos help in SEO?

Yes, explainer videos can help in search engine optimization. Search engines rank on better content, and explainer videos create simplicity and ease for users.


We at Animated Videos have vast experience, and we know how things work. We know how good 2D animations and explainer videos can be, and we have seen them performing amazingly and yielding excellent results for many of our clients. Explainer videos can solve multiple problems, and we expect more businesses to use explainer videos in the future.

You should contact us if you’re looking for a good explainer video services provider. Our highly experienced team has made thousands of explainer videos in their career and can help you get the best for your business.


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