Top Rated 3D Animated Games in 2023

3D Animated Games

Imagine stepping into a world where fantasy meets reality, where you can explore the uncharted galaxies, battle mythical creatures, and unravel ancient mysteries. Welcome to the world of 3D animation gaming services, where boundaries of imagination are boundless.

Traditional animated games were straightforward in design and structure, making them less intuitive and forgiving for users. 3D animation has rapidly revolutionized the industry ever since game developers started using 3D animations in their game development process.

These games are very realistic and keep us engaged with their distinct features offered by game development companies.

In this blog, we will explore the top-notch 3D animated games of 2023 that are worth playing and persuade one to play them again.

Some of the Top 3D Video Animated Games in 2023 are: 

Asphalt 9 (Legends) 

This 3D animated game stands as a pinnacle in mobile 3D gaming. Its stunning 3D motion graphics, harnessed to the fullest extent of contemporary mobile hardware, offer high-resolution textures and a realistic environment that boasts dynamic weather and reflections. 

The game’s meticulously crafted realistic car models, extensive customization options, and thrilling Nitro Boost mechanic make it accessible to racing enthusiasts and casual gamers. 

The diversity in tracks, set across various global locales, incorporates dynamic environments with changing weather conditions, ensuring gameplay remains fresh and exciting. The inclusion of in-game currency and microtransactions, though optional, allows players to enhance their experience. 

The live multiplayer mode adds competitive excitement, while Gameloft’s commitment to regular updates ensures the game’s longevity. Asphalt 9: Legends serves as a testament to mobile gaming’s ability to deliver console-quality 3D visuals and immersive gameplay experiences, earning its place as a favorite within the mobile gaming community.

PUBG Mobile (Player unknown’s Battleground Mobile)

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, or PUBG Mobile, is a standout example of a 3D video animated game. It boasts stunning, realistic 3D graphics with advanced rendering techniques, delivering detailed and immersive environments. The game features diverse maps, each carefully crafted with unique settings, while character and weapon models are realistic and customizable.

PUBG Mobile’s exceptional 3D sound design enhances situational awareness, which is crucial in the battle royale genre. The gameplay is known for its tactical depth within a 3D environment, offering realistic ballistics and strategic positioning. With a range of vehicles, responsive movement mechanics, in-game events, and customization options, the game keeps players engaged. 

The Battle Pass system encourages progression, and the inclusion of various multiplayer modes and collaborations adds depth. Following a free-to-play model, PUBG Mobile remains accessible while offering in-game purchases primarily for cosmetic items, making it a benchmark for the quality of 3D gaming services on mobile devices.

Call of Duty 

Call of Duty is a renowned franchise known for immersive 3D gaming experiences. Whether in the form of first-person shooters or more recent mobile iterations, Call of Duty consistently delivers impressive 3D graphics and gameplay. 

The series excels in capturing realistic environments, from the battlefields of World War II to modern-day conflict zones. The character and weapon models are intricately detailed, offering an authentic feel. 

The sound design adds depth to the experience, enhancing situational awareness. Call of Duty’s gameplay is marked by its tactical depth, responsive controls, and compelling narratives. 

With a strong emphasis on multiplayer modes and customization options, it continues to be a benchmark for 3D animation gaming, immersing players in epic battles and engaging storytelling.

Fifa Soccer

FIFA Soccer is also a 3D animated game developed by Electronic Arts (EA). It is a celebrated 3D sports game that brings the world of football (soccer) to life with impressive realism. 

The game is renowned for its top-notch 3D graphics, featuring meticulously detailed player models, accurately rendered stadiums, and dynamic weather conditions contributing to the immersive experience. 

The realistic animations, from players’ movements to goal celebrations, add authenticity to the gameplay. FIFA Soccer’s controls are intuitive, making it accessible to casual players and football enthusiasts. 

The game offers many modes, from quick matches to comprehensive career modes, and even an Ultimate Team feature that lets players build their dream squads. Regular updates ensure the inclusion of the latest teams, players, and kits. 

With its ability to recreate the excitement and spectacle of real-world football in a mobile or console 3D environment, FIFA Soccer is a favorite among football fans and a testament to the quality of sports gaming. 

Gension Impact 

Genshin Impact is a remarkable 3D-action role-playing game (ARPG) that has made waves in the gaming world. Developed by miHoYo (Game Development Company), this open-world fantasy title stands out for its stunning 3D graphics and expansive game world. 

The game offers a vast and beautifully designed landscape called Teyvat, featuring diverse regions with distinct visual styles, weather, and ecosystems. Genshin Impact’s character models and animations are exceptionally detailed, showcasing the studio’s meticulous craftsmanship.

The action-packed combat system blends elemental abilities and character switching, offering depth and strategy. The gacha system for acquiring new characters adds a layer of collectibility to the game, with a strong narrative, numerous quests, and cooperative multiplayer options.

Genshin Impact has set new standards for 3D mobile and console gaming, successfully bridging the gap between these platforms while maintaining high-quality visuals and engaging gameplay.

Black Desert Mobile 

Black Desert Mobile is an exceptional 3D video animated game that successfully brings the vast and visually stunning world of the Black Desert franchise to mobile devices. It stands out for its breathtaking graphics, offering a level of detail and realism rarely seen in mobile gaming. 

The game’s environments are richly designed, featuring diverse landscapes, cities, and dungeons. Character models are highly detailed, and the customization options are extensive, allowing players to create unique avatars. The combat system is action-packed and engaging, and the responsive controls make for an immersive experience. 

Black Desert Mobile’s open-world exploration, node management, and life skills add depth to the gameplay. Including various character classes and a wealth of PvE and PvP content ensures players have many activities to enjoy. The blend of stunning 3D visuals, a vast open world, and multifaceted gameplay experiences has earned it a well-deserved reputation as a standout title in the mobile gaming industry.

What Distinguishes These 3D Animated Games from Existing Games in the Market?

Thousands of other 3D animation production companies are crafting large numbers of games regularly; what takes these games ahead of these games is the distinct blend of qualities and experiences they possess. Call of Duty stands out for its realistic military scenarios, gripping single-player campaigns, and strong presence in the esports scene.

FIFA Soccer excels with its unparalleled soccer simulation, featuring licensed teams and a career mode that lets players manage and lead their teams to glory. Genshin Impact captivates players with its visually stunning open world, dynamic elemental combat system, and immersive storytelling. 

Black Desert Mobile offers an impressive mobile MMORPG experience with remarkable graphics, detailed character customization, and action-oriented combat. These games each bring a unique set of qualities to their respective genres, drawing players in with their engaging gameplay, frequent updates, and strong communities.


These 3D video animated games, whether PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9: Legends, Call of Duty, Black Desert Mobile, Genshin Impact, or FIFA Soccer, represent the pinnacle of mobile and console gaming experiences. They showcase the immense progress in 3D graphics, offering players immersive and visually stunning worlds. These games excel in attention to detail, realistic character and environment models, and sophisticated sound design. They also bring engaging gameplay experiences with responsive controls, strategic depth, and content. Whether you’re a fan of battle royales, racing, first-person shooters, open-world adventures, action RPGs, or sports simulations, these titles demonstrate the remarkable capabilities of 3D animation gaming on various platforms, catering to a diverse range of gaming preferences. 


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