Trends in Whiteboard Animation: What’s New in 2024?

Trends in Whiteboard Animation What's New in 2024

Animation is an incredibly powerful tool for communicating ideas in a fun and engaging way. One type of animation that has really taken off in recent years is whiteboard animation. 

Whiteboard animations make complex topics much easier to understand by breaking them down visually step-by-step. They are commonly used for things like explaining products/services, teaching processes, telling brand stories, and more. 

The animated drawings combined with a voiceover narration create an experience that keeps viewers hooked. As we head into 2024, the whiteboard animation style continues evolving to keep up with new technologies and changing viewer preferences. 

In this blog we share our insights on where whiteboard animation studios are headed and what it means for businesses trying to engage their audiences.

The Growing Role of AI

One of the most significant trends is the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in animation production. AI tools like Adobe’s Podcast and whiteboard animation program Genny are revolutionizing how whiteboard animations are made. These tools use machine learning to automatically generate animated content based on scripts and storyboards.

For example, Podcast can take a screenwriting script and animate character movements, facial expressions, and lip-syncing with lips that match the voiceover audio. Genny creates full animated videos from text prompts using AI trained on millions of animation samples.

The rise of AI is a big deal because it drastically speeds up production timelines and reduces costs. Instead of animators having to draw every single frame by hand, the AI tools can automate large portions of the process. This frees up animators to focus more on the creative vision and storytelling instead of the labor-intensive parts.

However, AI tools are not going to fully replace white board animator any time soon. The technology still has limitations in understanding context and creative direction. An expert human touch is still required to shape the narrative, direct the animations, and ensure quality. But AI is becoming a powerful assistant that animators can leverage.

The Rise of Casual Surrealism

In terms of creative styles, one of the biggest whiteboard animation trends in 2024 is casual surrealism. This style takes surreal, fantastical cartoon elements and seamlessly blends them into ordinary, relatable scenarios.

For example, an animation explaining how to use accounting software might have talking numbers and cash flying around the scene. Or one about email marketing could show emails coming to life and dancing across the whiteboard.

The appeal of casual surrealism is that it keeps viewers engaged by adding in fun, delightful visuals that spark curiosity and imagination. But it grounds the experience in everyday situations the audience can understand. 

This balance of the recognizable and extraordinary is very effective for capturing attention and effectively communicating messages.

Enhancing User Engagement with Micro-Interactions

Another key trend is using more animated micro-interactions and small details to enhance the user experience. Micro-interactions are short animated moments that provide feedback or add entertaining touches.

Within whiteboard animations, these could include things like:

  • Objects briefly celebrating or reacting when a key point is narrated
  • Fun animated transitions between scenes
  • Progress indicators playfully filling in as the video loads
  • The replay button animating excitedly when the video ends

These micro-interactions delight viewers and add extra appeal that makes the content more sticky and memorable. They keep people engaged throughout by sprinkling in constant surprises and rewarding moments.

Of course, these are just a few of the major whiteboard animation trends making an impact in 2024. Other notable developments include the rise of video collages that mash up different animation styles, innovative “material illusion” effects that blur the line between animation and reality, an embrace of the “uncanny valley” with intentionally unsettling character designs, and more “reel breakdown” videos giving behind-the-scenes looks at animation production.

Media Literacy Is Key

No matter which specific animation trends take hold, one overarching theme is clear – animators and the content they create are becoming increasingly vital communicators in today’s digital world. 

Animations are powerful storytelling tools for capturing attention and sharing information in fresh, engaging ways that text and static images cannot match. With so much content vying for consumers’ time, compelling animations will be critical for businesses looking to rise above the noise. But simply churning out whiteboard videos is not enough – the animations must embrace innovative styles and techniques to truly captivate modern audiences.

That’s why media literacy is so important, especially for marketers. Understanding evolving animation capabilities and trends allows you to fully leverage the creative potential and develop content that achieves your communication goals. 

Partnering with expert whiteboard animation services providers that specialize in emerging styles like AI-assisted animation and casual surrealism will be key for many businesses.

The whiteboard animation space is ultra-competitive, but companies willing to embrace new trends have a major opportunity to craft world-class content that drives real business impact in 2024 and beyond.


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