What is 2D Animation, And Why is it Still Relevant

We understand that many people know what 2D animation means and what is the difference between 2D animation and other types of animations. In our world, we see 2D animations everywhere, and most of us recognize them as soon as we see them.

We have created this blog for people who still need clarification about 2D animations or want to learn more about it. We will cover the basic definition of 2D animation, the purpose of 2D animation in the current era, and other vital pieces of information you might know.

What is 2D Animation?

The most basic definition of 2D animation is that these are moving objects in a two-dimensional world. In its inception, it was nothing but a simple series of drawings on paper with slight differences, which, when played together, looked like moving characters.

3D animation, on the other hand, has more realistic features with the help of 3D modeling. If we compare it to 2D animation, we have flat images with changes; from those changes, we feel like they’re moving ahead or performing some action. 2D animation was started in the olden times in the 19th century, but it has evolved a lot with time, and it is the only reason it still exists. 

How Are Most 2D Animations Made?

2D animation creation is a fascinating process, and each step involves a lot of effort and skill. Below is an overview of how most 2D animation services are provided.

We start from an idea that would be the backbone of our 2D animated video. To keep this idea intact, we draw it on a storyboard, and this is the first time we visualize our creation. After completing our storyboard, we move on to character design, the next and most crucial step in our journey. The character would be the center of attention, so it should be perfect.

Next on our list, we have to do the background design. This will provide the surroundings and settings for our characters. To make the ideal product, see your characters’ movements and things in the background and then add sound effects for each of them.

This is the primary approach of 2D animation. Today, we have hundreds of new digital tools in 2D animation, which we can use to ease the animation process. Using these steps, we can easily make engaging 2D animations that will take you back a long time and help build the audience’s interest.

What is The Purpose Of 2D Animation?

You might wonder what is the purpose of 2D Animation in today’s world, where we can use 3D animations efficiently. Here are some of the central and primary reasons why 2D animations still matter in 2023.

  • Takes the Viewer Back In Time

Ask someone who grew up in the 50s or 60s about animation, and they would describe their favorite 2D animated cartoons in detail. 2D animation is that sweet part of the previous generation that stays in our hearts. Whenever we see 2D animation, we think of the good old days of Disney and Warner Bros cartoons.

Many marketers use this public sentiment to advertise their products and services. We see many advertisements today that take us back to the 20th century, and the main reason behind this sentiment of nostalgia is the effective use of 2D animation.

  • Multi-purpose

There is no limit to your imagination when you’re doing 2D animation. You can animate anything you want and of any type you want. Your imagination is your only limit. You can create some funny children’s cartoons to r-rated adult content. You can convey any message you wish to by the use of animation.

  • Great Place to Start

If you want to learn animation but don’t know what you should learn first, then 2D animation is the best option. It provides you with the primary path, and you can gain expertise in multiple things while learning 2D animation to help you as a professional animator.

  • Marketing Use

It has excellent use in marketing, and with the help of 2D animation, you can attract a lot more attention than static images. You can add a 2D animated logo, replace the static images with motion graphics, and utilize 2D animation in many other ways to help build a beautiful digital presence that will attract many customers.

  • Can Be Used Anywhere

Another fantastic thing about 2D animation is that it can be used anywhere and in place of anything. You can add them to your social media, website pages, blogs, guides, logo, and whatnot. They are versatile and look good almost everywhere. This is one of the main reasons why 2D animation is still in use and very high in demand. 


Will 3D animation replace 2D animation in the future?

No, 2D animation has its uses and benefits over 3D animation. Including the financial aspect, 2D animation has many other characteristics that have unique utilizations.

How is 2D animation different from 3D animation?

2D animations have only height and width, missing the length dimension. Moreover, they can be called a set of drawings with slide changes played together at around 30 frames per second to give it the illusion of a video.


We hope you understand what 2D animation is, how 2D animation is created, and how it is still relevant in 2023. We know that 2D animation is challenging, and only creative minds have the ability to generate great 2D animations. In this regard, Animated Videos is an American animation studio that understands the work and delivers the best results.


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