10 World-class Works by Motion Graphic Studios

10 World-class Works by Motion Graphic Studios

Did you know that the average person retains 95% of a message when it is watched, compared to 10% when read? This remarkable statistic depicts the power of motion graphics, a dynamic blend of animation and graphic design that captivates viewers far beyond traditional static images and text. 

Today we will mention 10 outstanding examples curated by the directors at our motion design studio that perfectly encapsulate how this innovative medium is revolutionizing education, marketing, and storytelling, transforming complex ideas into simple, engaging narratives and turning mundane information into something truly fascinating.

So let’s get started.

Corporate Branding: Google’s Year in Search

Every year, global challenges shape our collective consciousness, influencing search behaviors worldwide. Google taps into this phenomenon with its “Year in Search” videos, utilizing motion graphics to highlight significant moments and trends. 

These videos do more than just recap the year; they connect viewers through shared experiences and emotions, demonstrating the power of unity in our collective curiosity and concerns. 

By presenting data in an engaging narrative format, Google not only informs but also fosters a sense of global community, proving that a motion design agency’s effective corporate branding can both educate and inspire.

Product Demonstrations: Apple’s iPhone 12 Introduction

Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 12 set a new benchmark for every motion graphics company that focuses on product launches. Capturing the attention of tech enthusiasts with mesmerizing motion graphics, Apple showcased the sleek design and innovative features of the new device in a visually stunning presentation. 

This approach not only grabbed viewers’ attention but also built interest and desire, leading to action. Apple’s mastery of motion graphics transformed what could have been a mundane announcement into an unforgettable visual journey, driving home the message that the iPhone 12 is not just a phone, but an experience worth investing in.

Environmental Awareness: WWF’s “Our Planet’s Future”

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) employs motion graphics to confront viewers with the harsh realities of environmental degradation. Through startling visuals and compelling data, WWF’s campaigns capture the urgency of climate change and biodiversity loss, prompting an immediate call to action. 

This strategic use of motion graphics makes the message impossible to ignore, encouraging viewers to move from passive observers to active participants in conservation efforts. 

By vividly illustrating the consequences of inaction, WWF demonstrates that motion graphics can be a powerful catalyst for change, inspiring individuals and communities to take steps towards a sustainable future.

Social Media Campaigns: Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped transforms ordinary listening data into a personalized musical odyssey. By recapping users’ top songs and artists of the year through engaging motion graphics, Spotify creates a unique narrative for each listener. 

This innovative approach by spotify’s motion graphics design company not only strengthens the listener’s connection with their music but also encourages sharing on social media, amplifying engagement and fostering a sense of community among users. 

Spotify Wrapped illustrates the unmatched power of storytelling through motion graphics, turning individual listening habits into shared experiences that resonate with millions.

Financial Insights: Bloomberg’s “The New Economy”

The complexity of financial markets can be daunting for the average person. Bloomberg’s motion design studio addresses this challenge by distilling intricate economic data into accessible motion graphics. 

By presenting financial trends and insights in a visually appealing manner, Bloomberg demystifies the world of finance, making it engaging for a broad audience. This approach not only educates viewers but also empowers them to make informed decisions. 

Bloomberg’s motion graphics serve as a bridge between expert analysis and everyday understanding, proving that even the most complex subjects can be made approachable through well-designed visual content.

Health and Safety Information: WHO’s COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, effectively communicating health guidelines became critical. The World Health Organization (WHO) tasked their motion design agency to simplify and disseminate crucial safety information. 

By distilling complex guidelines into clear, actionable steps, these animations captured global attention, fostering understanding and compliance. This strategy demonstrated the vital role motion graphics can play in public health campaigns, offering a blueprint for future efforts to educate and protect communities worldwide.

Historical Narratives: History Channel’s “History of the World in 2 Hours”

The History Channel’s ambitious project to narrate the entire history of the world in just two hours disrupts traditional educational formats used by motion graphics studios. Utilizing motion graphics, the documentary engages viewers with a rapid yet comprehensive overview of historical milestones. 

This innovative approach makes learning history accessible and entertaining, converting a potentially overwhelming subject into an intriguing exploration. Motion graphics serve as a powerful educational tool, proving that history can be made engaging and digestible for audiences of all ages.

Sports Broadcasting: ESPN’s NBA Recap Highlights

ESPN’s NBA recap highlights reimagine sports broadcasting by distilling the excitement of basketball games into concise, compelling narratives. Through motion graphics, viewers relive the game’s pivotal moments, experiencing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. 

This storytelling approach captures the essence of sports, transcending traditional recaps to engage fans on a deeper level. ESPN demonstrates how motion graphics can transform sports broadcasting, making each game’s story as captivating as the live action.


Motion graphics stand at the forefront of digital communication, offering a versatile and impactful way to convey messages across various sectors. From simplifying complex concepts in education and finance to enhancing corporate branding and public health campaigns, motion graphics have proven their worth as a compelling storytelling medium. 

As we continue to embrace digital media, the strategic use of motion graphics will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping how information is shared and received, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

Transform your content with the power of motion graphics. Our team specializes in creating bespoke motion graphics that captivate and engage. Connect with our ANIMATED VIDEO experts today to enhance your storytelling and make your message unforgettable.


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